Monday, February 20, 2012


Despite some craziness in our lives, this post has almost nothing to do with us.

Recently, I enjoyed a walk through our neighborhood.  It was sunny, and just a tad cool.  Lovely.

At the end of my loop, and a few houses from home, I noticed a neighbor, with a gasoline powered leaf blower, perched on a roof, smoking a cigarette, and 'cleaning' the gutters with the blower, while someone down on the ground yelled.  At first, I thought, "Ah!  Someone is trying to keep this yahoo from hurting himself!"  Then, I realized that the person on the ground was yelling instruction.  "Avoid the downspout!!  I don't want leaves there!!"

Although comedic, I cannot imagine that blowing the leaves out of the gutters from above is an overly effective method.  This gentleman's method also included danger of (1) falling off the roof, and (2) catching himself --and possibly the house-- on fire.

Fun. Times.

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