Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Poke the Baby!

We are near the time when Baby Thiel's movements should start to be recognizable to me.

So, I periodically concentrate on the new feelings in my belly to try and discern whether it is baby movement or other new pregnancy feelings. Last week I confessed to Kyle that sometimes when I feel something that *might* be the baby, I mush on my belly to see if the feeling will replicate. In my head, duplication of a feeling will confirm whether it is or is not a baby movement.

Clearly, Kyle said ... "Don't poke the baby! In 9 months, it will not be socially acceptable to poke the baby, and we should not do it now." How can you argue with that, really?

However, Saturday evening we had guests over, and I took 10 minutes mid-afternoon to pause before our prep began. I felt a little internal kick that I just knew was Baby Thiel making himself or herself known, so I mushed on my belly to see if the feeling would replicate itself - and it DID!

When I told Kyle, he shook his head, and turned away - trying to conceal what I KNOW was a grin.

- H

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