Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glamour Shots

it's official, our baby is on the internets. these are the first photos of our little one.

sonogram #1 - december 2, 2008

as we have said before we have been told (by medical professionals) that the first image is indeed of the baby, and, if you squint, i think you can start to make out something baby-esque. perhaps that is just wishful thinking on this father's part.

sonogram #2 - january 13, 2009

now we are looking a lot more baby-like. i think he has my belly!

sonogram #3 - february 2, 2009

this is our latest trip to the magic baby see'n machine (see also heather's post - Ain't Misbehavin'). our little one was not as cooperative as she was supposed to be during this visit so we are scheduled for another in a few weeks. this appointment was to be the one where lots of measurements were to be taken, however the baby was not informed of her obligation to pose for the camera she remained facing heather's spine for the entire 45 minute session. we got a few good looks at her back, heart, and brain, but little else. (she was turning away just as this image was shot, so its a bit blurry.)


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  1. i like the switching back and forth of pronouns when you are referring to the baby - sly!