Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With a squeeze of ... orange?

Arguably, Baby Thiel's birth will be the beginning of a brand new adventure, but making decisions about baby supplies and baby room decor is an adventure in itself ... what a roller coaster!

We are starting to make furniture decisions. First, we found that locating furniture 1) in our price range, 2) suiting our style and 3) appearing to be made of wood but surpassing the strength of cardboard is a particular challenge with respect to furniture sold for use by infants and children. Arg. But - we finally decided on a new bassinet/crib/bed combo (which according to my Mom, "looks like a bed an architect's baby would sleep in").

Also, we plan to repurpose some of the furniture that already lives in our house. So .... we will be doing some painting in the near future - we're leaving the walls in the baby room pale yellow but plan to paint two bookshelves and a dresser bright white for the baby's room. We are still working on a rocker - hopefully, Kyle's Dad, Russ, will be able to convert one of our chairs into a rocker ... he's mulling that over now.

What did Kyle's Mom, Rae, and I do this past weekend while the guys labored away? Why, we shopped, of course! We investigated the crib, finding a very helpful sales lady who owns the same style crib we selected (and whose mother-in-law also made bedding, etc. for her nursery). Then we drove around the mulberry bush to find several fabric stores. Rae was a trooper in the face of my resolute stance against 'baby fabrics' and pastels. We found several good options and ended up with these great happy fabrics that don't scream baby but are still very youthful.

Another very exciting thing about this fabric is that it coordinates with this piece Kyle and I picked up last fall at the Marimekko store in New York. It was intended for use as a hanging in our room, but we both think it will make a great addition to Baby Thiel's decor!

- H

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  1. How exciting!! It's sooo happy to have real objects to look at and imagine with. I love the happy, bright colors, too. Your baby is sooo blessed to have you two as parents!