Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Miraculous Sheep

Once upon a time there were two new (very new) parents, who delivered a wonderful little girl named Olive. They spent 48 hours after her birth in the hospital. While there, Miss Olive was a joy during the day - she glowed whether in the arms of family or sweetly snuggled in the hospital bassinet. But, after dark, the bassinet was not her favorite place. The parents snuggled her in their arms to get some sleep but worried mightily that she would tumble and find harm. These parents returned home and brought baby to bed one more night, for her sleep and theirs, when she did not want to sleep in her cute little bassinet by their bed.

The next day - hark! - they remembered, a gift they received twice, once from a young mom and once from an experienced grandmother ... the Sleep Sheep.

(Note - the new parents received no compensation in exchange for this post.) This amazing device emits a variety of sounds, including rain, heartbeat, whale sounds and a white noise setting. The new parents attached it to Olive's bassinet and turned on the rain noises (as they did not enjoy the sensation of sleeping with the fishes) ... and almost immediately, Olive's distress was relieved. She relaxed, sighed and slept.

What a miraculous little device, providing the proper environment for all to dream sweet. (Note 2 - This miracle may not continue, but the new parents are happy to celebrate while it lasts.)

The End.

- H


  1. and (more importantly) SLEEP!!

  2. HOORAY!! I'm soooo glad for you all!! :) And I love your writing! :)