Monday, August 31, 2009

Of Pacifiers, Dog Toys and Crazy Weather ...

So, Olive doesn't really 'get' pacifiers, but we use them sometimes to try and calm her down during a crying jag. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately, because we use them infrequently and when we are just a bit frantic ourselves, our pacifiers sometimes get left in places they should not be.

We started out with two blue/turquoise pacifiers (a shower gift from Erik and Sarah) and came home from the hospital with another blue one. After Olive was born, my Mom picked up two pink pacifiers because ... well, I think they jumped in her cart. Not too long ago, we discovered shards of blue pacifier all over the rug in Olive's room one morning. Now, Olive does not have teeth - or the mobility to snatch and transport a pacifier. Our dear puppy Zoe does - and apparently really loves those pacifiers! (They do last a bit longer than some of the dog toys we have paid more for ...)

Currently, we have lost two blue and two pink pacifiers to our dear furry friend. We did rescue the one that our nephew Will fed to Zoe, but only temporarily, it seems, as it has now gone MIA! Because Olive is sometimes, er, pacified by a pacifier, we recently purchased another two-pack of pink pacifiers. We are trying to be vigilant about keeping them out of puppy range ... I'm not sure how successful we will be!

Today Kyle went to work in a sweater, a light sweater, but a sweater. It is still August, right!?! I know, just barely, but still. It is lovely cool weather so I shouldn't complain, but I have doubts about the tomatoes on our plant (almost a bush now!) out back if fall is here to stay.

We will post more photos soon ...

- H


  1. hehehe! This great! Now that Sophia walks, she puts her toys in some very odd places around the house -- and rearranges her kitchen cupboard of tupperware and babyfood in very "special" ways -- it makes us laugh. I think Zoe is just getting you all prepared! Enjoy! :)

  2. this is so funny! are they less expensive than dog toys? you might be on to something...

    have fun this weekend, sorry i won't be able to join in the fun. we need to get together soon though!!

  3. I just got caught up on Miss Olive. I wish I had wifi so I could let Mom read all these. She's really looking forward to seeing y'all next weekend. I think y'all are settling in to be great parents to Olive and Zoe. Way to go! I love your writing style, Heather. Much love and hugs to all, Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve