Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Month!

Our little Olive is one month old today. What a ride the last 31 days have been! Having a newborn at home is a great excuse to spend a good chunk of August inside (although I'm sure our AC bill will not be pretty - Yikes!).

Also, we've had the wonderful gift of guests galore! My mom and Tim, my dad, and Kyle's parents all were able to be here the day Olive arrived - despite some pretty short notice. Mom and Tim stayed for a bit, and Russ and Rae came back later for a long weekend. Matt and Liz (and Will and new Baby Charlie) came to visit this past weekend. We are also looking forward to more guests - Chad, Jen and Ben, and Mom and Tim (for a second lap)!

Our guests have helped with chores, helped with projects, and generally encouraged us in this process and helped get us out of the house. (It is daunting to get out with Olive - although not as daunting, I'm sure, as venturing out with infant twins like some of our friends and family!!) Thank you very much to all!

Olive is a wonderful baby. We're starting to get into a schedule, more or less. She is a good eater and a very good little night-time sleeper. (Right now all bets are off for her afternoons and evenings. Please know that we'll pick up the phone if we can!) We have had some pretty frustrating bouts of crying, but we don't think it is anything out of the ordinary. And we are becoming more skilled at soothing our little one. A few nights with a seemingly inconsolable infant have helped us think outside the box!

A few more details:

Today was also Olive's one-month appointment with her pediatrician. She weighed in at 8 lbs and 7 ozs and is now 21 inches tall/long. Her doc thinks that she is growing well and that her eating and sleeping patterns are not out of the ordinary. (A big relief for me and Kyle. We were worried that she was a bit slow in her weight gain.) Olive received the second shot in her Hep-B series today which just about broke my heart. Suffice it to say, her prior inconsolable crying was nothing compared to watching her actually wail in pain!

And finally:

A photo of Olive all bundled up in her Sleepy Wrap carrier for a walk with Mommy, Daddy and Zoe.

A photo of Olive and her daddy celebrating cousin Will's birthday at the Magic House (the St. Louis Children's Museum).

- H


  1. Happy one month day, Olive! We're so glad to hear that she's growing and sleeping well at night -- HOORAY! She looks so tiny in the carseat with Kyle -- wow. And sooo cutie in the carrier with Heather! You guys are doing a great job -- Olive is a lucky girl! Hugs and kisses to you all (except Zoe -- only hugs for Zoe!).

  2. Heather and Kyle, Olive is adorable. I can't wait to meet her in person. Heather, you look fantastic, motherhood agrees with you.

    Tricia Schnelt