Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just so you don't think we've disappeared ...

A few mundane details of our lives:

Kyle is in Tennessee for work. He left Tuesday and returns tonight late. The big pit has been calling his name, and he finally answered the call. Thus, little Olive and I have been fending for ourselves the past few days.

Things are pretty uneventful - Olive and I hang out a lot at home. Olive loves a car ride, but they get fit it in between her requested meals and naps (for both the little one and her mom!).

I finally met with a lactation consultant. Her advice and encouragement were very helpful because breast feeding is not as easy and intuitive as one might expect.

Also - I was recently reminded that a good bra makes a huge difference. No need to share the gory details, but worth every penny!

We all are missing Kyle, but poor Zoe is particularly longing for his return ... I am currently neither talented nor confident enough to take both Olive and Zoe out for a proper walk. Not to worry, although its a bit rough, Zoe has been able to get some of her frolic out by romping around our back garden, and I will make sure she gets in a good walk very soon!


  1. i was wondering how things were going without kyle. i didn't even think about trying to walk zoe with olive... that does seem like it could be complicated! probably best to just let her out back for a little while.

  2. Thank you so much for this update, dear Sister! I SOOO wish that we lived near by so that Sophia and I could take Zoe on walks everyday (she loves big dogs!).

    I'm really glad that you're getting naps -- sleep is essential while you're making all that milk and learning so much about caring for your baby. I had a really difficult first week of learning to nurse -- the first few days, while we were in the hospital, I had nurses coming in all telling me different things. One of them told me that I'd never be able to nurse on the left side and that I'd better buy a pump right now. So we bought a good one (expecting use it many times a day), and a few days later Sophia was nursing like a champ on BOTH sides! I think that learning to nurse well is a team effort -- BOTH of you have a lot of learning to do...

    I LOVE the nursing tanks from Target (I can give you a style # if you want it) -- I have 2 and I wear one of them to bed every night. I also love the Bravado sleep bras -- I wear them during the day, too. :)

    The early days of motherhood are sooo hard, but they're also sooo good. It sounds strnage, but I miss them. I pray that you're able to enjoy the sweet moments.

    Love you!