Monday, February 22, 2010

High Chair Confidential.

A slow Saturday morning is one of my favorite things. We wake up to the alarm in the next room, rather than the digital one that rings every other morning. We enjoy coffee and breakfast and some leisure time in our pj's before the rush of our day starts.

When Olive first joined our lives, she passed our meal times in her bouncy seat - on the table or the floor nearby. As she learned to sit up, she would sit in her little green seat, again on top of the table. But since she is now high chair ready, she has been sitting right next to us. Sweeping toys off of the table, and starting her own adventure with food.

I often pick up my camera, with the blinds open - if the light is right, and snap a few photos. Having the luxury of catching Olive's face without the wash of a flash is really wonderful.

A few other recent favorites:

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