Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The AB Tour Stands Alone.

When Mom and Tim visited over Valentine's Day weekend, we took them to a pretty popular place here in the St. Louis community - the Brewery. In St. Louis, there is only one Brewery (which isn't true, there are and were several other breweries, but ... apparently only one counts). The AB Brewery. They have a great tour, and there is a hospitality room at the end.

The tour winds through many of the original - and still in use buildings. Some are officially on the National Historic Register. Ooh. There is even a public school building on the campus. Many of the Busch children attended school there with other kids from the neighborhood. (No school is in session there now, something about small children in close proximity to many, many truckloads of alcohol.) There are Clydesdales, there is history, there is a bit of exercise, and there is beer.

Not at all a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Olive also enjoyed her time with Gigi and Poppie that weekend.

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