Tuesday, February 2, 2010


How is it February already?!

Last month we had a dinner party. We called it 'Friend Thanksgiving.'

Yes, my calendar said January just like yours did. But, we recently came into possession of a Turducken and decided that Thanksgiving fare was appropriate.

We enjoyed the chicken wrapped in a duck wrapped in a turkey, and the stuffing and the yummy ducky gravy and stock. In hindsight, while tasty, it was more novelty than true finger-licking delicacy. The part we sliced for dinner? Mostly Tur with a tad of Duck and little to no En ... as our leftovers have ventured toward the, er, 'back' of the Franken-Bird there was more equitable distribution of fowl in each slice.

Still ... the true stars of the meal were the offerings our friends provided: salad with candied walnuts and tasty dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, twice baked potatoes with a healthy touch of horseradish and chocolate and lemon pies.

And - best of all - it was an evening full of friends (although sadly missing a few to illness and prior engagements), full of chatter, and full of laughter.

Friend Thanksgiving (even in January) Rocked.

- H

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