Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Cup Days.

A normal morning for me includes one large home-brewed 'cup-o-joe' and an office refill - after I've checked voicemail and email and right before hunkering into my first project of the day.

This week:

Olive hasn't been sleeping well. Although I KNOW I can't complain, she generally sleeps like a dream. A dream, I tell you.

I have been busy with obscure Code references and research. Hello, my new friend Section 4958.

We are recovering from visitors. Mom and Tim were in town last weekend. We had a wonderful time, but we are also worn out!

Kyle went back to Tennessee to watch the building materialize and negotiate disagreements among contractors.

And the best events of the Olympics air really LATE at NIGHT!

All told, there were several three cup days already this week. And today just might be another one!

- H

P.S. - I edited this post by removing a slew of parenthesis. Kyle thinks that I go a tid bit overboard on the internal monologue punctuation. I sure like a few ... and (Wow!), but today I took them out.

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  1. ha, don't read my blog then, i'm all about the ...

    it's been too long, must get together soon!