Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brownies. Deconstructed.

This weekend Kyle and I had some friends over for dinner. We all agreed that eating in would be very likely less impactful on both our wallets and our waistlines.

To negate our healthful decision, I decided to whip up a batch of brownies to share after our meal. (The meal was healthy: green salad, green veggies, brown rice and some grilled fish). Once the house was full of the aroma of chocolate-y goodness, the buzzer rang to tell me our dessert was done. I picked up Olive and with the other hand, opened the oven door, grabbed a hot pad mitten, and picked up the brownie pan ... and watched it flip over and land on our oven door.

I tried a magician move, slipped a flat pizza pan under the brownie pan, in an attempt to salvage some of the treats. No such luck.

Kyle came home, popped his head in the kitchen, looked at me and said, "So, dessert tonight is 'deconstructed' brownies?"

And I laughed.

Yup. We are food geeks for sure.

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  1. thanks again for dinner... the second batch of brownies was just as good :-)