Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Kitty.

No, not the cute phenom who inhabited my childhood and still appears on everything from erasers to fancy handbags.

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Our little one is becoming more accustomed to solid food, and - following the advice of some parenting book or magazine - we've introduced Olive to cups and alternate beverages. (OK, water. No juice. No juice at all. Juice is apparently the root of all evil. Who knew.)

She has largely been underwhelmed - a few sips on a sippy were about as good as we'd gotten. (Actually, this was an improvement from our first attempts: violent head shakes and tightly closed lips. We stopped offering and waited a bit.)

However, this week we gave her (helped her with) a real (plastic) cup. A cup with no lid or spout. She was patient and interested and tried mightily to get her tongue inside the cup so that she could lap up the contents.

Just like a little kitty cat.

So. Cute.

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