Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Full Weekend.

This past weekend, Kyle's parents were in town for a visit.

We had a great time hanging out and showing off all of Olive's new developmental milestones.

(Ok, we said 'tricks' a few times and realized that sounded a lot like our descriptions of Zoe's, er, tricks. Developmental milestones. Much longer. But handy, see? No confusion with dog tricks.)

The weather was chilly and damp, so we didn't get outside much. (Boo.) But Kyle and Russ made some great headway on a couple of our lingering projects. (Suffice it to say, the unusual beauties of home ownership extend beyond a clean backyard. Trim. Clean stair risers. Baseboards and quarter-round. So. Freaking. Wonderful.)

Russ and Rae read Olive some stories.

They also got time to baby-talk and make faces at our little one. She is pretty fun to make faces at. They even helped her fine tune her newest, er, developmental milestones.

Hands up high!

Keep that camera out of reach, Dad!

With all of the work going on around the house, Olive didn't get great nap opportunities. Thank goodness she still naps well in the car. I dragged Rae on two nap-outings and Kyle on one. Gotta get that baby some sleep. And, I'm willing to drive pretty far to make it happen. Life is not pretty otherwise. Let me tell you.

Now. Olive has headed to dreamland, and I am off to get some zzz's of my own.

- H

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