Thursday, March 4, 2010


We did make it out last weekend for a jaunt in the Park. It was beautiful and sunny, and we just couldn't resist taking our girls outside. Olive was very happy to roll around in her stroller, and Zoe definitely enjoyed some time to frolic through the leaves and gawk at the horses.

As it turned out, sun doesn't always mean warm. (Duh, I know. Notice the ice in this photo that we snapped.)

But ... there WAS sun (and, yes, ice and brown leaves) and a few signs of spring: tulips and daffodils just starting to emerge. I am praying for happy, colorful goodness in our very near future!

Kyle and I were a bit underdressed. (I am so tired of putting on a hat and gloves and scarf and and and ...) Regardless of the chill, we all enjoyed a little time outside and are looking forward to more as spring comes back to St. Louis.

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