Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100% Dais Free!

Let me 'splain. (Not sure why I just had a Lucy and Desi moment.)

Our bedroom is, strangely, shaped like an L, and the base of the L is raised approximately 8 inches above the rest of the room. This creates a platform upon which two nightstands and a queen size bed fit. Despite its apparent appeal to at least its creators, if not the previous owners of our home, we do not care for this item we refer to as "the dais."

For some time, we have been talking about (and putting off) discovering what is underneath the dais. We had some concern that the dais was a focal point of necessity rather than desire - er, that should we destroy the dais we might be left with a pipe (or some such) snaking around the floor of our bedroom.

On our list of things to (hopefully) do before the baby shows up is replacing the flooring on the second floor of our home. As such, uncovering the mystery of the dais has been a looming task.

This past weekend was a) gloriously a holiday weekend - three whole days!, b) a weekend of no work for either of us (!) and c) a weekend of dais exploration and destruction!! On Saturday, we ran tons and tons of errands, but late in the afternoon, Kyle peeled back the carpet and tore into one corner of the dais. He poked his head into the hole and was pleased to report that under the platform appeared to be a largely intact subfloor and no exposed pipes!

And then the demolition began. Kyle sweated and hefted and grunted, and I cleaned and painted and cooked. From my inexperienced perspective, the platform was assembled with an equal weight of nails and wood - which even I know is way more nails than necessary. However, but for two large pieces of plywood lingering on our second floor landing, the dais is gone and our room is again in a usable state!!!

Oddly, the absence of the dais is somewhat disconcerting to Zoe, but I know she'll adjust. We already have!

- H


  1. i meant to check out this project while we were there for dinner the other night... zoe still isn't walking in that area?

    thanks again for hosting dinner, you are now my go-to person for homemade ice cream :-)

  2. Wow! GOOD WORK And you're 31 weeks along! WOWSERS!! You guys are amazing.

  3. "Dais-less"?? Based on Webster's meaning for "dais", does this new bedroom configuration mean that the room is now "useless" for giving speeches in your sleep?