Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ah, Fajitas!

One additional comment of thanks ... our trip to Houston was wonderful, but whirlwind. I think I'm just now stopping to breathe for the first time since our Friday arrival in Houston.

On to the thanks ... we ate dinner with my dad at El Tiempo on Washington. YUM. (Thank you Dad!) I honestly had forgotten that the difference between pretty good fajitas and gosh darn good fajitas is tremendous. I can find pretty good fajitas here in STL, but gosh darn good fajitas ... they're elusive.


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  1. From Aunt Marcia, Just read all! It is soo fun to see the sono's! Those 3-D's are amazing!I am thrillled for you! Zoe is a doll and she reminds me of Marley the dog the guys who live above me have ..only Marley well she behaves like a Marley! :-)I am sure Zoe is far more mature than that! Right?! :-)!The nursery looks and sounds very cool! Enjoy..enjoy! Not much longer!