Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Be Prepared" or "One for Each"

Throughout our pregnancy, I have looked forward to the time when we could pick out two small going home outfits: one for a boy child and one for a girl child.

So, recently, Kyle and I have done some shopping and come up with the following two options:

We think they are each very cute - and while they may not be the most sensible things on the planet, how often do you get to bring a child home from the hospital, really?

Now, if Baby Thiel is a girl, we know who the little boy outfit will be sent to. But, if Baby Thiel is a boy, we are not nearly as certain who will be the recipient of an summer newborn girl-child outfit ...

So far, these are the only gender specific items we have purchased or received. Which (not purchasing) has taken a fair amount of restraint on my part, the clothes made for small people are just TOO CUTE!

- H


  1. adorable outfits!! so excited to see them modeled for the first time!! :)

  2. cutest thing ever! i don't know how you were able to just pick one of each though!

  3. The boy outfit is a mini-Kyle one!! I love it. Can't wait for the big event.