Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This past weekend ...

We traveled to Houston this past weekend for our last hurrah. Officially, our doctor has requested that I no longer travel outside of St. Louis until after Baby Thiel arrives. This makes it sound like we will be sitting and waiting for long periods of time (which may well come), but right now we have tons left on our to-do lists.

Work is relatively busy for both of us. Kyle might even take a jaunt to Tennessee to see his building-in-progress some time before the baby arrives. I am organizing my firm's team for the Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday. (Yes, I am planning to participate, and yes, it seemed like a better idea a few weeks ago, but I am assured that the pace is slow and the crowd inspirational for this fabulous cause.) We need to finish up work in the baby's room and (hopefully) get new floors for our stairs and second floor. There are a few other things going on, but those are the highlights for now.

Our trip to Houston was wonderful. I do think I need a weekend to recover, but we were surrounded by family and friends and had tons of great opportunities (even during the short trip) to catch up and laugh. Chad came in from Dallas, and Kyle's parents made the trek from Wichita to Houston, but my sister Jen, her husband Ben, and my niece Sophia win the prize (sorry, no actual prize!) for the longest journey, having travelled from Vancouver, BC for the weekend.

We got to spend great time just hanging out between visits; we met my Dad and Blake for BBQ dinner and some gelato at my brother Blake's former employer; we made a mad dash to the lake for some feet-in-the-water time; and I even got to go out to dinner Sunday evening with some of my girlfriends. No matter how much we try - we never get to see everyone! We did make a valiant effort and will try again next time to catch up with all of our friends and family.

However, the biggest event of the weekend was the amazing shower thrown by my Aunt Bonnie at her home on Saturday. She and my cousin Candice prepared tons of really great food and were very welcoming hostesses. There were tons of great family around - my dad's family from Dallas and outside of Houston, my stepfather's family, my mom's family, kyle's family, and my stepmother. Lots of my friends were able to make it - girlfriends from Saint Johns, from Trinity, from Towers Perrin, and from law school - my mom's friends from church and long time family friends. It was really wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who love and support us and who are also excited to welcome our little one.

We are still excited and amazed and overwhelmed and honored by everyone's generosity. Baby Thiel now has a nursery that is overflowing with wonderful gifts (well - some of the gifts are in Wichita with Kyle's parents for now, but will make their way to St. Louis in the very near future!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Also, shortly after we arrived back home in St. Louis, our carseat arrived on our front porch. Now we can officially bring Baby Thiel home from the hospital later this summer!

- H

Some family after the shower:

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  1. It was so GOOD to be with you 3! Ben and I are sooo glad that we made the journey. It made it all seem very real. :) Love and big hugs to you! We're looking forward to seeing you again in September!