Thursday, June 25, 2009


Kyle is in Tennessee having a heart to heart with his DOE building. I am here enduring the heat and trying not to panic when I realize how soon it will be July.

We went to the Doctor earlier this week. Everything is looking good. Apparently my belly is measuring about 1-1.5 weeks ahead of the calendar - so I think that means it is 36-36.5 cms when it should be 35 cm. The doc wasn't worried and mentioned that it could just be the baby's position when she measured (fingers crossed!).

We are now on weekly appointments "through the end" and have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, which will tell us more about the baby's size and position. We've taken all of our baby classes (childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant care) which were helpful, good, and meh (respectively).

This weekend may be house-chore-focused or may include a trip to Cotton Babies (the local shop from which we plan to purchase cloth diapers) and Babies 'r Us (for a few lingering essentials). I waiver between not wanting to bring more stuff into our home right now and wanting to be prepared in case Baby Thiel does make an early arrival (you know, like bringing an umbrella along in hopes that it won't rain - I know it makes no logical sense, AT ALL, but ...)

Oh and, the doc says that she won't 'stop things' if they 'start' from now on ... Fab.

In the end, we are not in control and more than pray for an on-time baby, I pray for a healthy one ... but it sure would be convenient if Baby Thiel would wait for the floors to be done.



  1. So exciting! It ALL comes back to me as I read your blog about "the end of days". You two are going to make such a good team; can't wait to meet the little bambino! (and I have faith Baby has the good manners to wait until the floors are finished). Wishing you the best!!


  2. In case it helps, we've tried several combinations and found that our fave (no leaks!!) is Thirsties diaper covers with Kissaluvs contoured diapers.

    This is our fave resource for info on cloth diapers and the related:

    Oh, and my belly was bigger than expected and harder, but it was just polyhydramnios -- nothing scary. Just be careful/gentle with your abs.