Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because now is the time ...

We have accepted a bid to install wood flooring on our second floor!!

Although it makes me tired just thinking about it, the process is underway. The company has ordered supplies which will, upon their arrival, spend one week 'acclimating' to our home before the work begins. First, the carpets will be removed and discarded. Next, the subfloor will be evaluated and possibly reinforced. Then, the installation will begin - laying the floors, sanding the floors (with a special 'dustless' sanding system, we'll see), staining the floors, and then sealing the floors ... I think that is the end of the process.

The company says that it should take approximately 8 working days from the carpet removal through the sealing, add on a week at the beginning for acclimation and a day or two for the July 4th holiday ... and the floors could in fact be complete before Baby Thiel arrives!

Note - Please do not disabuse me of this dream. I am currently refusing to imagine bringing our baby home admist dust and fumes. I would like to live in my Pollyanna world until I absolutely must confront reality.


- H

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  1. how exciting! can't wait to see how they turn out!

    when we had our floors upstairs refinished i was very impressed with how "dustless" it actually was. we had them put a sheet of plastic up over the stairs and had saw no floor dust downstairs, and very little upstairs.