Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What happened to our weekends?

I swear we blink and its Monday - or Tuesday!

This weekend Kyle's parents visited. They arrived on Friday and left this morning - and there was a tremendous amount of work on the house and baby's room that occurred in the interim. In the end, they swear they enjoy getting their hands dirty and who am I to object to two additional sets of hands, when merely ironing (never my favorite chore, but definitely not the most taxing of tasks) has me uncomfortably warm in my own home!?

In order to prepare for the new flooring, the furniture needed to be moved off of the second floor. So, that baby's room we've been working on? newly painted shelves and dresser? cute rocker? adorable oval crib/bassinet? All gone. There are a few signs of cheer in that room - Russ and Rae crafted lovely roman shades which hang merrily in the room (until they are covered in plastic to protect them from floor dust) and Russ and Kyle installed a tack-wall to display our accumulation of alpha-numeric-type offerings ... but an empty room does not scream baby. We are so looking forward to having a settled place for the little one ... one day, eh?

Russ, Kyle and Rae also moved the furniture off of the landing (our 'library' is all boxed up!) and much of the furniture from our bedroom. Here in the next couple of weeks we will become first floor dwellers! And, while I feared sleeping 'air mattress style' for the last few days/weeks of our pregnancy, Kyle believes that we can bring our bed downstairs and still have room to turn around ... I'm a little skeptical, but too excited about not sleeping on an air mattress right now to do a thorough analysis!

Rae was a great help with some new curtains downstairs. Kyle and I found them at IKEA - we really liked the pattern and they suited our style better than the curtains that came with our home. When Russ and Rae arrived, the curtains were partially hung, but by no means finished. Rae and I spent a good deal of time Saturday and Sunday hemming the curtains for our windows, and then--after we realized how wonky IKEA's fabric lengths are (apparently 98 inches does not always equal 98 inches ... even across a single panel of fabric)--she spent a good deal of time yesterday re-hemming them. They look great! And it is wonderful to have one more project complete!

We did find out that the wood for our floors is scheduled to arrive on Monday, June 29 ... and work to start on Monday, July 6. Those dates fall a tad later than we'd like, but we're gonna be flexible ... seriously folks, I'm trying very, very hard to embrace the instability!

(Really, if you decide to do some calendar math and start to freak out for us, please know that we have enough internal freak out going on right now. I promise, we have done the calendar math and know of the potential realities that these dates pose. Oh and one more factor to consider, apparently Baby Thiel is not permitted to make an appearance around July 14. The baseball all-stars are descending upon this fair city, and there may not be a reasonably priced hotel room between here and Chicago. Fun.)

Woo hoo.

- H

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  1. WOW! So much excitement! Maybe it'll help these final days of over-heating and sleep discomfort to pass "faster" -- I pray that you're able to rest well and that you and Kyle feel deeply loved through all of this.