Monday, July 6, 2009

And so it begins ...

Now don't freak out and think that I'm blogging while the baby's arrival is imminent (though in some ways it might be considered imminent)...

The floor people arrived today!!! Mr. Champion (er, Kyle talked to him and I watched Zoe, so he is a company man today) arrived almost precisely at 8a so that he and a partner could start work asap. They will be in charge of the carpet removal and floor installation, and another team will arrive for the sanding, staining, sealing. But - woo hoo!!! - the ball has begun rolling.

... which also means that we are first floor dwellers (and the cats third floor dwellers). Our first floor looks like a very cluttered studio apartment. Everything we need (except the shower) is down there in order to minimize traffic upstairs. It took us quite some time to fall asleep last night; strange how in the same house we were sleeping in a 'different' bed. Zoe had a few moments of concern too, but seems to have adjusted. Similarly, the cats seem quite content with their AC-enhanced, Zoe-free zone.

And - according to the books and such - our pregnancy is officially full term! I totally don't get counting to 40 weeks if you consider 37 to be full term (and because you can't make something full-er, or more unique, or more alone, if you get my drift). But it is another milestone and we are happy to celebrate it!

And finally because we came home to realize that not only had the floor guys ripped out carpet, they had also started installing the floors ... a few photos:

Our bedroom - no furniture, with carpet.

The landing with some flooring.

More landing, more flooring

Progress, I say.

- H

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  1. yay! wow, they got a lot done in just one day, hopefully they will continue at that pace!