Wednesday, July 1, 2009

doctor, doctor give me the news........

7 pounds - 2 oz (give or take a pound)

so sayeth the technician driven utrasound machine.......

heather and i made another trip to the doctor yesterday. now that we have breached the 36 week mark (see the monkey at the bottom of the page for the big countdown) we are going to be going in for a weekly visit. however, we have to change doctors because the woman we were seeing went into very very early labor herself (29 weeks!) and now is on maternity leave.  thankfully, the clinic we have been at has a large group of physicians that can help to manage the workload.  as noted above, we had another ultrasound and per usual baby thiel had no interest in smiling for the camera. we took away one image but do not think it is even worth scanning and uploading. if you really want to imagine the image stare at the text of this post, squint, and shake your head back and forth really fast.  

and the news of today our new front door was installed this morning. meaning one of the big daunting to-do's on the list gets a big o' fat check.



  1. hooray for checking off to-do's, BOOOO to early labor!!!

  2. Kyle, we love your sense of humor! :)