Sunday, July 12, 2009

stained and barking?

master bedroom
master bedroom (other direction)
the hallway into the nursery

as you can see and from heather's outburst below our floors have gone from red oak to red-red oak. it nicely matches the downstairs floors (our intent) and hopefully the remainder of the finishing process goes smoothly. hopefully the workers will show up monday morning to continue work on the stairs - there are 4 treads as yet not replaced. they are "pie" shaped and so require some special carpentry to complete. we are looking forward to the complete project.

ps: zoe is sleep-barking at my feet right now, its pretty darn cute.


  1. wow! I wish there were a way to type up a whistle sound... anyway, the floors are beautiful. I'm so glad that the majority of the work was accomplished so quickly -- and that Zoe is so delightful!! :)

    oh, and thanks for the pics!