Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So ...

We went to the doc yesterday (our appointments are weekly, but not necessarily 7 days apart). Things continue to 'progress' but she gave no indication of when we might expect Baby Thiel to make his or her appearance other than reminding us that:

"90% of all babies are born within a 1-week window of their expected due date."

We'll see if we are 90% or 10% here in the next few days/weeks. Other than that, the baby's heart beat is strong, and it is favorably positioned. I, however, am more than ready to get rid of this lovely "bowling ball with legs" feeling that currently overwhelms me!

On to other things, our floors will receive the second of three coats of 'finish' today. The schedule sets forth tomorrow as the third finish coat and Friday as the day for trim. The transformation has really been amazing. So, if the schedule holds, we will be moving furniture up (or down if it is on the third floor) to the second floor this weekend. Very, very exciting. We may have photos of an assembled baby's room to post in the near future!!!

And finally, yesterday was our second anniversary. We didn't plan much as the uncertainty of baby and floors has made planning a bit hazardous. However, we went to dinner at a restaurant near us called Acero. Very very yummy Italian inspired food. Adding a glass of wine to savor through the meal would have been a wonderful splurge (next time!), but the food and company were splurge enough. Who knew that two years could fly so fast or bring so many wonderful things into our lives?! We did take in a movie last weekend as an added anniversary celebration (movies on weeknights are harder to swing, full time employment and all). The new Pixar flick 'Up' was wonderful, and a bit sentimental (I maintain this is NOT just my pregnancy hormones making another appearance).

Hoping to soon post fun pics of our home and little one ...

- H

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  1. happy anniversary! glad that the floors are finishing up and you'll be able to start putting everything back together soon.

    i can't believe it's almost time, i can't wait to meet baby!!!