Monday, July 20, 2009

New photos!

Our floors are done (but for a few things that are ours to finish). Baby Thiel's room is ALMOST complete. Other rooms in the house are also falling into place. Yay!!

A few photos of the baby's room:

A new letter:

And our first number:

While Baby Thiel's imminent arrival is overwhelming and exciting, Kyle and I have both moved from "not quite ready for baby" to "yes, we are ready for baby to be here!" (well, as ready as you can be to be first time parents, I'd imagine).

But Baby Thiel seems perfectly content in its current home. We do have an appointment with our doctor tomorrow - maybe that assessment will change. We'll let you know!

(Oh! and Kyle is meeting with a GE repair person tomorrow morning. Here's hoping he brings not TOO bad news!)

- H


  1. it looks so great! it's very bright and happy, i really like the colors, esp. the orange print (fabric?). those bookcases fit nicely into the room too, i can't believe they are the same ones you had downstairs!

    now all that is missing is baby... :-)

  2. It's all coming together beautifully!! You all have exquisite taste! I'm eager to see your cork/numbers/letters wall, too... (hint, hint)

    Good work!