Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Doldrums.

Now.  Don't get me wrong; I get excited about the New Year.  The totally artificial 'blank-slateness' of January 1 always gives me a boost of energy.

However, that boost of energy did not direct itself to this blog.  So, it has experienced a few days in the doldrums.  I will try to remedy the lull.

We spent Christmas this year in Andover, Kansas, very near Wichita.

We went to Christmas Eve services with Kyle's parents.

We opened gifts on Christmas morning.  Olive's 'big' gift was this cute doll, Cici.  We love her.

Olive also got some $.99 plastic bracelets in her stocking.  They were a bigger hit than her doll.

Crayons are also a big hit.  Olive is starting to 'get' coloring ... or at least making many marks on paper.  But, her favorite activity remains: taking the colors out of the box and putting them back in.

All in all, we decided that celebrating Christmas with an 18-month (ish) old was pretty wonderful.

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