Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking Action. Baby Steps.

Ah.  The joys of a Houston spring are soon to be upon us.  (I do know that the calendar still says January.)

We know that our home's guttering system needs to be re-jiggered.  There are downspouts in places that don't make sense and places without a downspout where one (even me) would think that a downspout should go.  There are also downspouts that don't quite point to a nearby drain.

Our goal is to take steps to correct the flow of water and minimize the water that infringes on our garage after a heavy rain (and diminish the possibility of water in the future entering our home).  In order to take a few positive steps toward accomplishing these goals, we made a trip to Home Depot  (and did a fair amount of internet research).

We purchased a couple of downspout diverters/extenders which will direct water away from two mud puddles and toward the adjacent (but topographically challenged) drains.  Step one!

We also purchased a rain barrel.  Now, chances are that several rain barrels will be necessary to accomplish water flow management and to responsibly 'gather' water for our yard and garden during the spring, summer and fall.  But, come on, folks, we are taking baby steps.  We will see how this model works, whether it works as we expect and how it collects and later distributes water.  Step two!

After our information gathering is complete, we will make our decisions concerning additional rain barrels and their makes, etc.  (Steps three! four! five!)

Now, we just need a sunny, non-work day to implement our purchases.

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