Monday, January 17, 2011


Our Olive is almost 18-months old.

But, last week, she went in for her 15-month check up.

Confused?  Yeah.  We were too.  But hang on to your hats.

The doc we saw at 12 months told us to come back at 24 months.

Then we changed docs.  Our new doc didn't say (after diagnosing her with a tough-to-fight-diaper-rash and with not-an-ear-infection in the fall) when he would see her next.  (And, we didn't ask.  That is true.)  We went with the original projected schedule of our St. Louis doc (yeah, a few docs back in the line, but ...) and made ourselves an 18-month-ish appointment.

Apparently, in Texas (and other places?) for most pediatricians, there are 12-, 15-. 18- and 24- month appointments.  Who knew!?

So.  At her late 15-month appointment, Olive measured in the 50% for both height (31 inches) and weight (24-ish pounds).  Her head is still upwards of 95%.

We will be back for the 18-month appointment in a few weeks.


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