Thursday, January 27, 2011


Olive loves brushes.  Of all varieties. 

She even loves her toothbrush. (But she giggles when we try to brush her teeth.  She prefers to use it to brush her hair.)

Not long ago, she found my small round brush.  She carried it all around the house.

At the time, I thought, "No biggie.  I'm using a big round brush for my hair and don't plan to go short."

Well.  A few weeks later, I decided to go short.  (When I face facts, my hair isn't designed for long or ponytail.  But that is no guarantee that I won't try to attain ponytail status in the future.  Its. Just. So. Tempting.)

So, here I am with my short hair, and guess what I can't find.  My small (short hair appropriate) round brush. 


(Except when I break down and replace it.  Then it will appear in front of my face.  My life works that way.  Seriously.)

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