Friday, January 21, 2011

New Item.


I am a reader, but I am also sometimes a slacker.

Let's just say that my reading, for the last year, has been not much at all to write home about.

I miss it.  I miss becoming entranced by stories, edified by information, challenged by new ways of thought, encouraged by words of old.


I added a little widget to the right hand side of this blog.  When I finish a book, the title gets added to the list.  I've seen it on other blogs I read, and it has been a great way to get book recommendations.  My hope is that the list will give me some accountability. 

(Also, I am seriously a check off my list kind of girl.) 

Mostly it is a personal challenge: Read more.  Do it.

We shall see.

(As always, I am open to suggestions or recommendations!  I have quite a few yet-to-be-read books and Kindle downloads, so I'm not lacking.  But I am always happy to hear about a page-turner you loved.)

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