Sunday, November 13, 2011


Olive has a toy cell phone.  She's had it for about a year, and it is still one of her favorite toys. 

On our way home from church today, Olive was playing with her cell phone in the back seat.  Kyle and I were chatting as we drove along.  Then we heard Olive say, "pancakes and syrup."  Kyle asked Olive who she was talking to, "Kate." 

We smiled.  Olive kept talking, and Kyle and I started listening to her little voice in the back seat. 

Olive checked in with Kate, Aunt Emily, Grampa, Papa Hoop, Uncle Blake, and Zoe ... and a few other people whose names we couldn't quite pick out.  She said, "Hello," to everyone, and told stories about her pancakes and syrup (our breakfast this morning) and our drive home from church for lunch and naps. 

We were in the front seats grinning away listening to her running through her mental rolodex and (without our prompt) picking a few people to 'touch base' with. 

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