Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Houston is still in the midst of a LONG drought.  Rain comes infrequently, but - so far - not in enough quantity to cover current needs or make up for past shortfalls.

Not. Fun.

I have heard estimates that the city will lose half of its trees.  Kyle recently learned that oaks, particularly the live oak trees that abound around here, take three years to demonstrate signs of damage.  We have two gorgeous live oaks in our front yard.  They are lovely, gnarly, old trees.  I hope they make it.

Early in November, the city started marking, and then cutting down, dead and irreparably damaged trees. 

Our neighborhood park now looks sad and sparse. 

On Monday, driving to Miss Olive's school, piles of downed trees and debris littered another local park.  I wanted to snap a photo this weekend, an image so often being worth a thousand words, but today they were gone. 

Stumps, big tire ruts, and deep dark mud remain.  It makes me sad.

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