Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yesterday, I stepped away from my desk around lunchtime.

I decided to visit a local grocery store (1) to pick up some muffins for Saturday breakfast and (2) to find a quick bite for lunch.

Near my office, there is a giant HEB.  The selection is great, they have tons of prepared food, and they have a great bakery. 

I figured I would grab a salad or a cup of soup, but ...

They were sampling pot stickers.  I enjoyed the sample, but was disappointed to find the only pot stickers for sale - cooked, but cold - in a case near the vendor. 

However, I asked the vendor if she had any hot pot stickers for sale.  She got me some fresh from the steamer, and, two minutes later, I was headed to the cashier with warm pot stickers (and yummy muffins from the bakery).

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