Friday, November 11, 2011

Bumper Free.

So.  There are all sorts of issues with baby crib bumpers.  In October, the American Academy of Pediatrics joined other pediatricians around the world in recommending that infants sleep in cribs without bumpers.

We went without bumpers until Olive was about one, added them for a bit and then took them back out this past summer.  Yeah.  We had trouble making up our minds, and deciphering 'expert' advice.

I've thought that colored/patterned crib sheets would be a good solution to the safe for kids but also colorful, cute and pretty.

Apparently, others have had that super clever thought.  The folks at Skip Hop recently introduced a line of bumper-free bedding.

This one is from the Animal Zoo line ...

It is hard for me to argue with safe AND cute.


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