Monday, November 21, 2011

New Appliances!

Purchasing appliances - and being sad about the dollar signs associated with that purchase but really happy about the result - is something that I am certain makes me a grown up.

We - mostly I - have stalked washers and dryers for about six months now.  It hasn't been a constant pursuit, but we've kept our eyes open for good deals to make the purchase of quality, efficient machines more palatable.

Last week, I found a particular set at a particular store for what seemed like a good bargain.  Kyle agreed.  And we jumped on it!

After the sale, 5% off, free delivery and free haul-away, we got the set for just over the price we would have paid for one of the two machines.

We did reluctantly go for an additional warranty, which always feels like a rip off, but we took full advantage of a similar warranty with an appliance we purchased when in STL so ... it was hard to resist.

Even more exciting ... they are being delivered today!  Super fun.

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  1. yay for new appliances! and it sounds like you got a good price!