Thursday, November 10, 2011


Olive is a great sleeper.  Even so ... often ... she chats to herself for awhile as she heads to or from dreamland.  I love listening in.

Sometimes it is incomprehensible babble.  Probably most of the time for non-parental ears.  She tells her animals what she did that day. 

"Olive. park! walk self! stairs. slide.  jump cracks!" 

(Olive went to the park.  She walked by herself - on her own two feet, not without her parents.  She climbed the stairs and went down the slide.  Then she jumped the cracks in the sidewalk on the way home. Yup.  All. The. Way. Home.) 

This morning she chatted to her animal friends about her coming day. 

"Olive. school. friends.  Chloe. Gracie. Abby. Jack. Wyatt. Miss Ethel. ... um.  Caroline! ..." 

(Olive is going to school.  At school, she will see her friends: Chloe, Gracie, Abby, Jack, and Wyatt. She will also see her teacher, Miss Ethel.  Oh, and.  Her friend Caroline will be at school too.)

Love. It.

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