Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I recently attempted a BSJ (short for Baby Surprise Jacket).  The Surprise Jacket (Adult, Child and Baby) is the amazing brain child of Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ), knitter extraordinaire.

First, I have issues with gauge.  It just isn't my strong suit.  But I managed to piece together (except there are two seams in the miraculous Surprise Jacket, so there was hardly any piecing involved), this specimen.

Mind you.  It isn't baby sized, and it is pretty over sized for our toddler.  (Though the colors are pretty baby-ish, she seems to like it.)

Here it is again after weaving in the ends, washing it and blocking it.  I would like to find some cute buttons/closures, but I don't know quite what I want for it.

I am now attempting the ASJ (adult surprise jacket) ... there has already been a lot of frogging for this little lovely, and I fear there will be more ... oh well, the clack of the needles does indeed relax me ...

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