Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I know.  It isn't quite September, and I'm already nosing through catalogs and websites in search of a good Halloween costume for Olive.

I do not want something over the top.  I would love something that she understands, and that possibly she could play dress-up with.  And, I really want to avoid princess costumes - at least this year.

Cute Piggy?

Carter's has a cute cat costume (that I can't seem to catch an image of).  And Hanna Andersson has a cute Zebra dress (similar image issue, also Olive was a Zebra last year).

Kyle isn't a fan of Halloween. But, I might convince him to be Will Schuster, if I find Olive a cute red track suit. Not that that Sue Sylvester would pass the "something she understands" part of the test.  Yup.  We're Gleeks.  We're not proud of it, but we own it.  (And dressing up as Emma Pilsbury actually sounds like fun to me too ... or will I just be that prim lady handing out candy?)

Ahh.  The difficult questions that plague our lives ;)

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  1. Wasn't a fan of Halloween until we had kids. Right after Nicholas's first Halloween, I found the Pottery Barn puppy costume WAY on sale. Now it's my favorite thing ever! Love the pig. And Sue would be hilarious.