Thursday, August 4, 2011

More about the birthday.

First, I honestly cannot believe that our little one is two.  I am sure all parents say that, and I am sure I will say it many more times in my life ... but, whew, it feels crazy now.

Second, this birthday party landed in the midst of a pretty busy time for us and our families.  We were so thankful for the shift in focus and for so many people choosing to spend their Saturday afternoon/evening with us ... but, I have hardly any photos to prove it.  I snapped a few (yesterday's post) pre-party pics before the energy gnomes determined that my battery needed charging, and BAM! my camera was out of commission.  I have a few photos from other folks, but lots of great memories.

Third, we totally loved all of the paper goods that Michelle created for us.  However, the evening of the party included some major craziness, and I neglected to use the super-cute, cupcake flags and the food labels/place cards.  Oops.  Regardless, she created a whole suite of stuff, and we just loved it.

Fourth, overnight Olive turned into an expert present opener!  Well, if it is in a bag and if there is plenty of tissue paper to remove.  (Clothes, and the gifts themselves generally, were definitely not as exciting.)

Fifth, I think I now have a vague inkling how appealing ball pits are for kids.  (For me, not so much.)  After the party, we took down the balloon garlands and gathered them in our playroom.  Olive and her cousin Kate found them and Lost. Their. Minds.

It was awesome.  They bounced and dove and giggled.  It could be the best part of the evening for Olive ... even above the tissue paper part.

She even enjoyed them on Sunday morning.

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